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Welcome to Engadine High School

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We are a proud comprehensive high school with a tradition of outstanding School Certificate and Higher School Certificate results. Consequently, we have been recognised as one of the top 200 schools in NSW. In addition, our school is highly regarded for its success in performing arts and sport at regional, state and national levels. We hope you enjoy perusing our site and learning about all that our wonderful school has to offer.

Now, please enjoy reading our story of the week...

White Ribbon and Love Bites

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Congratulations to Kyle, School Captain and Sarah for their appearance on the Channel 9 Morning Show this week. They were composed and articulate as they spoke with knowledge and passion about the importance of highlighting the issue of relation-based violence in our society and the importance of developing greater awareness in young people. Click on these links to view both segments of the program:


Engadine High was also featured in several newspapers including the The Age and the Sun Herald. Click on the link to the story in 
The Sun Herald.

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NSW School Terms 2014

Term 1: 29 January - 11 April

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Engadine High School
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